The Fame Game 2022 Season 1 moviesflix

The Fame Game 2022 Season 1 moviesflix

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The Fame Game 2022 Season 1 moviesflix in Hindi (Netflix Series) 1080p, 480p, 720p. All Episodes are available in  1080p, 720p & 480p of each episode 1GB, 350MB & 150MB each. There is only 1 season and released in 2022. It has a total number of 8 episodes. This is a Comedy, Crime, and Mystery Series produced by Netflix.

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The Fame Game 2022 Season 1 moviesflix info

Show Name The Fame Game
Season Season 1
Episodes The total no of Episodes are 8
Language Hindi
Release Date 2022
Gener Comedy, Crime and Mystery
Cast Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul
Creator Sri Rao
OTT Platform Netflix

The Fame Game 2022 Season 1 moviesflix Storyline

Anamika Anand is a Bollywood superstar ruling hearts and big screenings for 3-4 decades. She’s a dream girl and an inspiration for many around her. Anamika is loved by millions who believe she has a perfect life. One night Anamika goes missing from her lavish house. Her family, friends, and fans are shocked. Various theories and speculations on her disappearance are made. Is she kidnapped? Did she run away? Is she dead? The questions are many, but none have any answers.
Even though the police investigation to find Anamika seems to go nowhere, the plot unravels many secrets. We learn that behind the fame, money, and stardom, Anamika is nothing but an unhappy and lonely soul. The problems in her life are like every other person. Anamika is one of India’s biggest superstars. Yet, she doesn’t have solutions to her problems. She’s trapped and can’t see a way to escape from sorrow and pain.

The Fame Game 2022 Season 1 All Episodes

The Fame Game Ep1

Anamika’s sudden disappearance launches an investigation. Flashes of the preceding weeks reveal her strained marriage and a troubling incident at home.

The Fame Game Ep2

As public concern for Anamika grows, Avi suspects Nikhil while Shobha distrusts Manish. Amara recalls Anamika’s concern over her acting aspirations.

The Fame Game Ep3

Shobha questions Nikhil’s film financier. In flashbacks, truths emerge about Anamika’s wealth and Manish’s diagnosis. Anamika wonders what Avi is hiding.

The Fame Game Ep4

Earlier weeks reveal Anamika’s growing defiance and an altercation that leaves Avi distraught. In the present, Billy begins his own search for Anamika.

The Fame Game Ep5

Shobha’s alarming discovery spawns more arguments within the family. In the past, the pressure pushes Amara near a breaking point and Anamika faces danger.

The Fame Game Ep6

A visit to Manish’s farmhouse gives Anamika clarity. In the present day, amid news of a murder, a music launch for Anamika and Manish’s film turns tense.

The Fame Game Ep7

The police team rushes to track down the site of an alarming clue. Shobha urges Avi to tell her what he knows — and he lets damning family secrets spill.

The Fame Game Ep8

A sad development stokes public frenzy. While Shobha can’t shake a gut feeling on Anamika’s whereabouts, someone else knows more than they let on.

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