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Have you ever given flowers to someone and made flowers to others, the answer is yes, don’t leave it, but if you are interested in any one of these flowers, then my friend, today the contact is going to rain on you. It is the one in which the mind will be so wet that even after squeezing it and drying it, fishes of new questions will be seen floating on the head. Sunflower Season 1 Hindi which is presented by Zee5 is a show that will force everyone.

Sunflower Season 1 Storyline

The story begins with a society named Sunflower, which is a wonderful society of a mystic, where people may not have power in their thinking, but there is a lot in the pocket. Kapoor gets murdered in society, it is a matter of laughter that Kapoor dies sitting on top of the pot in the toilet. Now the needle of suspicion is moving in two directions, on one side is Mr. Ahuja, a neighbor of Kapoor, who is a teacher who has done Ph.D. twice. Their relationship was a bit messy with Kapoor, whose witnesses are the people living in the society.

The name of the second person to be suspicious is Sonu, he can be found anywhere in the city, in every house, in every office, on every street, both the thinking and actions of the man are just like my middle class like you, Sonu is the common man somewhere in the crowd. If he gets lost in the middle, it is probably impossible to find him because there is nothing special in the man but it connects with Kapoor Food delivery Haji yes Sonu had ordered food from the same hotel from where Kapoor had ordered the last meal of his life.

The third reason for doubt seems to be Dileep, who is the future chairman of Sunflower Society and his life’s dream is to make Sunflower Society the world’s number one society, for which he can give life and can also take life, the number remembered from the society If I want to take home, then I have to understand the list of some strange rules made by Dilip Sahab, just listen, what is it that those who are not married, their entry is going to be closed in the building, those who are married are very good but accidentally broken means for them Also no entry. Third, being a boy or a girl does not mean being gay or lesbian.

there is a total of three questions for which you have to just go after this article. We, Will, have to see Sunflower Full Season immediately, question number one is the person who writes late in front of Kapoor’s name, who is hiding in his teacher, Sonu the Sales, is Rustam throwing dust in everyone’s eyes or is there some secret mission behind which the world is from above? To make him an owl, he has made a mask of sunflower and the third interesting question is when and after all, who would want to take his life, brother, family, friend, enemy, all this disappeared in the air and sat on the pod to meet Yamraj. Who and how put the idea in Kapoor’s mind.

Sunflower Season 1 (2021) Cast

Sal Yusuf
Dayana Erappa
Ashwin Kaushal
Saloni Khanna
Ria Nalavade
Sunil Grover

Sunflower Season 1 (2021) Trailor

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How to Watch Sunflower Season 1 Hindi Online:

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